A Moment of Thanks

There’s so many ups and downs in all of our lives, and honestly each day over this past year is a struggle for me to continually move forward and keep grinding. Social Media is the highlights, and doesn't always see the behind the scenes of hard work and sacrifice that goes into all of our lives. So I just wanted to take a step back today and acknowledge so many people that make this career I've created possible. I can’t thank the event and wedding coordinators, producers, local venues, DMCs, entertainment agencies, and corporate clients enough that continually think outside of the box and look to book me for their unique events. I’ve been so fortunate to have a career that allows me to play my violin, and share my love of music and performing to so many across the country and around the world. And to my family and closest friends for knowing what it takes for me to do this every day. Your support means the world to me.

There are some amazing contracts in the works right now and sometimes I have to remind myself how wonderful that my "job" truly is.

Be kind to one another, and give someone a compliment today. It goes a long, long way. See you all soon.


photo by: KV Photography

photo by: KV Photography